Cable tray program

This program is to draw multiple Electrical cable trays sizes along with quite many types and options.

NOTE: Once you purchase your copy of this program, you will get the latest version which is 2.0.0 as shown in the following snapshot.

Download from : THIS LINK

10 thoughts on “Cable tray program”

  1. Welcome,

    Can cable trays be drawn at any angle with the full version?
    or are degrees 45, 90, 270, 315 allowed there as well?


    1. Hi Peter,
      Yes the angles that mentioned and no other random angles is accepted since the program uses dynamic blocks and has nothing to do with curve objects like, polylines, line, arc … etc.
      Such a tidy way of drafting would make the presentation and the modification of drawings very easy and clear to deal with and more importantly is that the BOM program that I am already started working on them would be very powerful, precis and Magnificently prepare them in just a few seconds.

    1. Hi,
      If you are referring to the Cross block then yes the fitting is already added to latest version and you will get more fittings with the latest version than the trail version.

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