Drainage Pipe Lengths

Here is a new program that is related to Drainage Pipe program which is to get the lengths of selected Drainage Pipes and have the outcome to AutoCAD Table & Excel file.

11 thoughts on “Drainage Pipe Lengths”

    1. Hi adua,
      Were you able to load the Drainage Pipe Program prior to this related program?
      How did you try to load this program and what is the error message you received if any?

    2. Hi,
      This program works side by side with the Drainage Pipe program and this is just for clarification.
      Can you please describe how do you load the program on your system step by step?

    1. Hello gennaro,
      There is no trial version for this program because it is very simple. so the outcome will be in AutoCAD Table or Excel file based on user’s choose when using the program.

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