How to load an AutoLISP Program

  •  1st Method < Manually > :

  1. From AutoCAD, type APPLOAD or AP then Enter.
  2. Select the AutoLISP program *.vlx
  3. Hit Load Button then close the dialogue.
  •   2nd Method < Automatically > :

  1. From AutoCAD, type PPLOAD or AP then Enter .
  2. Select the AutoLISP program *.vlx then hit LOAD.
  3. Hit Contents Button.
  4. From the next dialog, hit Add and select the program.
  5. Hit Close Button to close the dialogue.
  6. Now call the command name of the program to start.
  • 3rd Method < Using the acaddoc.lsp > :

  1. Open your Support Folder then add a text file acaddoc.lsp if it is not already existed into the Support Folder then add your AutoLISP codes inside the above-said text file then Save and Close the file.
  2. Now you can call the command names of your programs if added to acaddoc.lsp and they would be available with every new opened drawing.

NOTE: Path of Support Folder:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 20XX\Support

  • 4th Method < Using the acad.lsp > :

You can do the same with this method as in the 3rd Method above but the name of the text file should be acad.lsp.

So this method of auto-loading programs would be loaded only once on the first opened drawing.

Author : Tharwat Al Shoufi


AutoLISP AutoCAD Custom Programs

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