Create layers from excel file

This program is to create layers from Excel file based on the data that available in the Excel .csv file format. The program is entirely free for all to use all the time.

Download from : THIS LINK

Watch the video on YouTube : THIS LINK


10 thoughts on “Create layers from excel file”

    1. Hi,
      I already have that feature with the latest version of the program along with the true colour feature as well so once you pay for the program then I will share you the program encrypted with .vlx extension but if you are planning to get the source codes then the price would be entirely different.

  1. The program is currently free but if you would like to purchase the full version that works with True colour and Description then the price is just 10 $ as encrypted and permanent program but if you would like to get the course codes then the price would be 65 $ only.

  2. Estimado amigo,
    He instalado la version gratuita del programa en Autocad 2018, pero no funciona pues no logro cargar las capas del archivo con extension csv.
    Agradeceré puedas ayudarme con este asunto.
    Saludos desde Perú.

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your message.
      You need to load the program with the extension .vlx in AutoCAD and not the csv excel file, so just fill out the csv file with your desired data of layers then run the program.
      Watch the video for more info although the program is very simple and it does not matter what version of AutoCAD you are using with this program.

      1. Dear Friend,
        I think I expressed myself wrong (my native language is Spanish), I confirm that it has been possible to install your program with the VLX extension in the Autocad 2018 version. However, when I run your program to load the CVS file, the action does not reach complete because apparently the program is interrupted in a part of the process and I cannot import the layers from the CVS file.
        I will be very grateful if you can help me with this matter.
        Percy Zegarra R.

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