Fire Fighting

1- Fire Fighting Pipe


9 thoughts on “Fire Fighting”

    1. Hi MJLM,
      Glad to you hear from you.

      The program is not yet completed but it runs somehow and almost the same way that the Drainage Pipe program works, so if you’d like to try the Drainage Pipe program then you can find it in the Drainage menu in this website right above at the top of this page.

      Thank you.

      1. Impresive work! Thanks for sharing. I ve been active in FF as well and managed to do some work too but I took it in a rather different direction. I made a pre-processor/convertor for couple of hydraulic calculation programs where the manual input of real life systems can be real pain. It ended up being a suite of various applications dealing with FF piping systems. In one, two points you helped in the past while making it. A demo can be found here.

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