Fire Fighting Pipe

Here is the Fire Fighting program that draws Fire Fighting System in AutoCAD environment.

How to use the program:

  1. Read this first: How to load AutoLISP program
  2. Add the attached drawing Fire Fighting.dwg into your AutoCAD Support folder. Example: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 20XX\Support

Note: Use the command name: FFReset to reset the scale if you have chosen the scale wrongly and would like to change it to another.

Download link: Hit this link to start downloading …

Download the Video: Hit this link to start downloading …

Author: Tharwat Al Shoufi

Click on the following video to maximize the screen to full screen status :


4 thoughts on “Fire Fighting Pipe”

  1. تمام الله يكرمك بس انا لو حبيت اغير مقاس الانابيب اعمل ايه انا شغال علي مقاسات مختفله

    1. هناك مقياسين للبرنامج و تستطيع التغيير بالخروج من البرنامج و طلب البرنامج المرفق و اسمه FFreset

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